The Loyola Retreat Early Offering Program gives the retreatant the ability to pay for a retreat over a specified time period of the retreatant’s choice. 

Many retreatants choose to pay a small amount monthly (weekly or quarterly, etc.) for their annual weekend retreat or for other retreats that they may attend throughout the year.  There are three ways to make this type of recurring payment:

1.  By mailing in checks using “retreat early offering envelopes” which we will provide.

Click here to fill out a form to receive these envelopes

2.  By setting up recurring payments through your bank’s online payment option (then your bank will automatically send us payments based on the timeframe you indicate).

3.  By setting up recurring payments through Loyola’s WEBSITE using a PayPal or Credit Card Account, click here to set this up. (Payments will automatically be sent to Loyola from the selected account according to the timeframe indicated).