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July 5 – 11, 2021 – SUMMER PREACHED RETREAT – The Spiritual Decision- The Beginning of True Discipleship

July 5 @ 6:00pm - July 11 @ 10:00am

Retreat Leader:  Steve Pugliese, S.J.

Every day we make innumerable decisions. These are basically choices we make — when to get up, what to wear, the first thing we will do, what we read, where we will go. Most of these we barely think about or spend much time in making. However, there are other decisions that have life-long ramifications for us. These we often spend a great deal of time and thought making. They include vocation decisions such as education, marriage, children and career. But even more important than those are what we call our spiritual decisions. Spiritual decisions arise from questions such as, Why am I alive? What is my destiny? What is most important in life? What is God asking of me? In order to live our lives as God desires for us, we must first make these Spiritual Decisions and then act on them. Literally everything depends on it. Join us as we discuss what spiritual decisions entail and what they are. Have I made a spiritual decision? What have I decided? How do I know if it comes from God? How do I engage my decision so that it changes my life?  As Moses said to the people, “I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now, choose life!” Deut 30:19 Why do so many choose death? It is because they have never made a spiritual decision. It takes great courage and great strength and always through faith in God’s grace.

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July 5 @ 6:00pm
July 11 @ 10:00am
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