Supporting The Journey To Inner Peace

Every dollar pledged helps ensure that the journey to inner peace will continue for you and for future generations.

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Three Ways Your Gift Helps

loyolagive1The People

Annually We Serve

  • Over 7,000 people served worldwide
  • Over 140 Young Adults
  • Over 200 Spanish Speaking
  • Over 1,400 Children / High School Youth
  • Over 420 Homeless and those in recovery

loyolagive2The Place

  • Built in 1904, donated to the Society of Jesus in 1927
  • Over 85 rooms for overnight retreatants
  • 33 acres of wooded land, including gardens with fountains and pool
  • 14 Stations of the Cross on a three-quarter mile outdoor trail
  • 2 Chapels for worship, library, 2 dining halls, bookstore, over 12 meeting rooms
  • Jesuit residential quarters
  • The only fixed Jesuit location for the ministry of the Spiritual Exercises in the New York Metro area

loyolagive3The Promise

  • Inner peace for generations to come
  • Strengthening Jesuit and lay leadership
  • Creative community outreach
  • New programs for spiritual development
  • Robust financial resources to support mission
  • Transforming the world one retreatant at a time