Fr. Steve

Light and darkness are one of several deeply ancient dichotomies in our lives. Another is life and death. We are all now engulfed in what seems a very dark time indeed, a matter of life and death. But Jesus told his disciples that he was the light of the world. We need to hold on to that light of Christ to give us the strength, courage and vision to see where to go, not into fear and darkness, but into the clarity of day, our eyes on the Lord. Jesus was always telling his disciples, “Do not be afraid!”

The ancient world knew night and darkness much more deeply than most do today. On a moonless night, no one went out because it was as if you were blind. Even torches and lamps barely made a difference. They knew what being blind must be like. It was like the night.

And so when the Lord meets the man born blind in today’s gospel from John, he immediately turns to heal him, to turn his night into day, to bring him into the light, Sabbath or no Sabbath. It is a necessity of the first order. Jesus continues to turn to heal our sick world.

The Pharisees, who could not see grace, who will not see the light but are lost in minor details that make them blind to who Jesus is, meet this great gift of Christ’s with disdain and rejection. They ultimately cast out the once blind man from their religious society, condemning him to be alone.

But Jesus finds the man again and, like the Samaritan woman at the well, reveals himself to him so that he might follow him and have not only light, but life in its fullness.

Paul urges us to be children of the light that produce every kind of goodness and righteousness and truth. And 1Samuel reminds us that not as we see does God see. In these very difficult times let us not give in to darkness. God sees where we must go and God will provide. Let us pray to remain hopeful that the light that has come into the world will lead us home again. That we will not be forced to wander in the darkness, but trust in Christ our light. Let us pray also that the one true light will illumine all our leaders everywhere. Pray also for our medical people and scientists who God works through that all their efforts will be successful.