Image #17 Days-Evenings of PrayerDays/Evenings of Prayer are an opportunity to get a taste of the Loyola retreat experience. Days of Prayer are Ignatian mini-retreats in semi-silence from 9:00am to 3:00pm (unless otherwise noted) and include a light breakfast and lunch, Reconciliation and Mass. Evenings are from 7:00pm to 8:30pm and include input for prayer, private prayer and sharing of the graces for the evening.





Days of Prayer

Tuesday, January 19, 2021 – ON-SITE DAY OF PRAYER – Journey Of The Magi

Tuesday, January 19, 2021 *NEW DATE!
Led by Anna Graziano, Spiritual Director
9:00am - 3:00pm

All COVID safety protocols will be followed.  Click here to see our COVID safety guidelines.  22 people maximum. We will not accept walk-ins due to COVID-19.  

During this full on-site Day of Prayer we will explore the "Journey of the Magi" poem by T.S. Eliot. “Journey of the Magi” is a deeply allegorical poem about the process a human has to undertake in order to experience spiritual rebirth.  The poem, written after Eliot experienced a dramatic conversion to Christianity, is told by one of the Magi about their visit to Jesus at the time of his birth and the pains of letting go of one way of life - one faith- and acknowledgment of another that the difficult journey demanded of them. This day will help us to notice the similar challenges in our own lives as we struggle to open our hearts and lives to Jesus.

Evenings of Prayer

January 14, 2021 – May 13, 2021 – VIRTUAL MARRIED COUPLES SERIES *New Dates


An invitation for married couples to explore and integrate Ignatian Spirituality as you nurture and enrich your Christian marriage!

Meets Virtually via Zoom 
January 14, February 11, February 25, March 11, March 25, April 15 & May 13
7:00pm -8:30pm 
Suggested Donation $210 Per Couple ($30 per session) Donation can be paid monthly.
Click here for event flyer
Click here to purchase the book "Falling in Love...Finding God" which we will use during the series

Led By Beverly & Tom Delleart

Bev is a Certified Spiritual Director, Director of The Spiritual Exercises, and serves on the Loyola retreat team. Bev and Tom have led marriage enrichment programs for over 10 years through their local parish where Bev served as the Director of Pastoral Ministries & Spiritual Direction.

Our evenings will be filled with prayer, music, reflection, couple private time, and group discussion, inspired by the reading of Falling in Love…Finding God with guest speakers as appropriate to an evening’s topic. Prior experience of the Spiritual Exercises not a pre-requisite. You can order the book through the Loyola on-line bookstore.

Along the way, we will explore the themes of the Spiritual Exercises as they relate to the stages of marriage…

• Blending of head and heart to live with joy, depth, and authenticity
• Journeying with Scripture through the lens of a married couple
• Using prayer & meditation guided by the Spiritual Exercises
• Discovering how the discernment process leads to mutually desirable choices, giving us energy and freedom to follow through
• Growing in our love for one another; moving us out of ourselves to serve as “people for others”
• Living an integrated whole life rather than juggling separate spiritual, marriage, family, work, and personal lives
• Together we will explore and encourage each other as we move deeper in union with God as we come to prayerfully discover God’s desires, our mission, be filled with God’s graces, and respond with gratitude for God’s love!

“If you use this book, you will find that you are growing together as a couple while, at the same time, growing closer to God. Since closeness to God and to one another never stops there, the effects brighten the world around you.” ~William A. Barry, S.J.

"It is surprising that so little has been written on marriage from the Ignatian point of view. Surprising because Ignatius' inviting and accessible spirituality, which speaks of how to love freely, how to center oneself in Christ and how to make good decisions, is a natural fit for couples longing to lead loving lives." ~James Martin, S.J. 


Wednesdays, February 24, 2021 – April 7, 2021 – VIRTUAL 8-WEEK SPIRITUAL EXERCISES

We are pleased to be able to offer this 8-week Spiritual Exercises VIRTUALLY! You will receive details in an email once you register about how to participate via the video conferencing service, Zoom.  

8 consecutive Wednesday evenings
(7:00pm - 8:30pm)  
Led by Marie Santana

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola are a program of meditations, prayers, considerations, and contemplative practices that help Christian faith become more fully alive in the everyday life of contemporary people. They are a way for everyone to seek and find God in their workplaces, homes, families, and community.

The Spiritual Exercises (SE) were written by St Ignatius of Loyola during the 1530’s. He was very clear to state that the SE could be adapted to whatever situation, allowing “more” people to experience them. In particular, this version has been adapted to offer the SE to those with full-time jobs, busy families, and/or others who cannot afford the length of time of the 19th Annotation Retreat in Daily Life (30 weeks, meeting once a week with a spiritual director) or the 30 Day Away Retreat.

The SE 8-Week Format (meets VIRTUALLY once a week for 1.5 hours): This version contains all the topics that are part of the Original (all 4 IGNATIAN WEEKS) without compromising its integrity. The consolidation and new structure is achieved by the selection of each topic without the “repetition” that is part of the Original Version. It includes scripture as well as commentary by various Jesuit sources, giving it a fresh, updated view and richer in its diversity of thought.

Mondays, March 15, 2021 – April 26, 2021 – VIRTUAL SPRING BOOK CLUB SERIES

We are pleased to announce that we are offering this book club series virtually.  Please register below.  You will receive details in an email once you register about how to participate via the video conferencing service, Zoom.  

4 Week Series on Monday Evenings
(7:00pm – 8:30pm)
Led by Karen Florance

For the Spring 2021 book club the invitation is to read My Life with the Saints by James Martin, SJ.

Why should we reflect on the lives of saints?  How can the lives of the saints make a difference in my day to day life?

The year 2020 has been a year like no other. Fear, desolation, dissent, cruel injustice, courage, kindness, and love are just a few words that can describe last year.  Looking at the lives of saints similar words can describe their lives and it was their faith and dependence on God that carried them through.  On December 8th, 2020 Pope Francis proclaimed the Year of Saint Joseph.  A special time for the faithful to grow closer to Saint Joseph through prayer and works of love. For our book discussion we will read and faith share on My Life With The Saints by James Martin, SJ.  A book that is not just a book about saints, but is James Martin’s story of how his life has been shaped by some surprising friends—the saints of the Catholic Church. In his story, James Martin introduces us to saints throughout history—from Joan of Arc, St. Joseph, St. Peter, Dorothy Day to St. Francis of Assisi to Mother Teresa—and recalls his lifelong friendships with them. In a very personal way he teaches us how to grow closer to the saints.

Our meeting will be every two weeks beginning on March 15th, March 29th, April 12th, and April 26th

Session 1 -  March 15th   -  Saint in the Sock Drawer – The True Self (pgs. 1 – 72)

Session 2 -  March 29th – Ad Majoreum Dei Gloriam -  Vicar of Christ (pgs. 73 – 208)

Session 3 – April 12th – Living in Her World  –  Hidden Lives (pgs. 209–312)

Session 4 – April 26th –  Who Trusts in God  –  Holy in a Different Way (pgs. 313-391)