Directed Retreats

directed1A directed retreat is an individually guided silent prayer experience in which the retreatant follows the dynamics of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius while listening for God’s personal word spoken through the Sacred Scriptures. Each retreatant is assigned a Spiritual Director with whom the retreatant meets daily for reflection and spiritual discernment. These retreats are for those who are experienced with sharing their interior life and with prior experience of spiritual direction. Loyola offers eight-day Directed Retreats during Holy Week and the summer months which includes daily Mass, Reconciliation, Sacrament of the Sick and plenty of time for private prayer. Directed retreats can also be scheduled on an individual basis throughout the year. Please call 973-539-0740 or email to schedule a directed retreat.

Preached Retreats

Preached retreats consist of individuals who are on their own personal retreat, but are given talks by a retreat director each day to prepare and orient them for their own prayer and reflection. They follow the themes of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Preached retreats include daily Mass, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the Sacrament of the Sick and plenty of time for private prayer. Loyola offers preached retreats during Holy Week and in the summer. Preached retreats are open to all without prior experience of spiritual direction.

Private Retreats

Private retreats are scheduled on an individual basis throughout the year. Retreatants may come to be in silence and pray on their own with the option to participate in daily Mass. Also, retreatants may request a Director and enjoy a private Directed Retreat as described above.  Please call 973-539-0740 or email to schedule a Private retreat.

To view our brochure for Directed and Preached retreats during Holy Week and the summer months, please click here.

Week-long Directed Retreats


Retreat begins with dinner at 6pm and ends after breakfast and Mass on the last day, approximately 10am.

An eight day retreat at Loyola involves daily prayer times reflecting on God’s presence in our lives by meditating on scripture passages suggested by your spiritual director. The method usually involves placing yourself in the setting of the passage, to see with your senses all that is about, the people, what is said, the sights, even the feel and smell of the bible scene. This helps you to inhabit the scene and become one with what the bible passage is trying to say to you, what God is communicating to you through it. You may also be invited to speak with or have a “colloque” with the persons in the scene. During this time you will be encouraged to note any feelings you have during your meditation as well as thoughts and desires. You then bring your prayer experience to your daily session with your spiritual director. There, with the director’s help, you will reflect on your experience, always with the understanding that you are attempting to discern God’s path for you. The retreat will be in an atmosphere of silence. You will not be speaking with anyone other than your director during your daily time together. You will also be highly encouraged to leave off all communication with the outside world while on retreat, focusing only on prayer and your reflection on it. It is a privileged time of focusing only on you and God. It is a wonderful, if somewhat disciplined way of finding your true path and how God is leading you to a more intimate relationship with God’s loving self.

Week-long Preached Retreats

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