Thank you Loyola fathers and staff for the opportunities to be of service, and for being a treasured spiritual center close to home.  I live in Morristown New Jersey where I operate a general contracting business and perform carpentry and trade work.  I first met Jeff Simon and Renee Owens when I worked as site manager for Sphere Construction Group and came to Loyola to wash the Stations of the Cross in 2018.  Since then I’ve had the pleasure of renovating interior rooms, replacing the garage roof, repairing emergency plumbing leaks, and laying the groundwork for the gatehouse renovation.  Giving is a spiritual experience, and giving without any thought of reward is reward itself.  Meeting and working with other benign souls, and doing whatever my part may be in God’s work, not only brings joy but peace of mind.  Nothing could be better than standing on a step ladder, covered in plaster and water trying to locate a plumbing leak in the office ceiling, as Jeff Simon dodges falling chunks of mortar attempting to clean up!  Thank you again for the good times and great fellowship!